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Her Last Fling


Her Last Fling

 by Ava Sterling

Text copyright © 2015 Ava Sterling

All Rights Reserved


This book is licensed for personal enjoyment only and is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events, or locales are purely coincidental. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without the author’s written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in articles or reviews. The person depicted on the cover is a model, not related to any of the characters or actions, and does not necessarily endorse or condone the book’s contents. Individuals pictured are used for illustrative purposes only. The materials are only intended for adult readers over the age of 18. It contains language and sexual situations that could be deemed graphic and/or offensive by some. All situations are fantasy based. The author does not necessarily advocate behavior based on the happenings in this book. All characters portrayed are 18+ at the time of sexual activity.




Susan held her martini with both hands to keep from spilling. She had drunk two of them so far, if she had to guess, although that might have been after the second round. It had been difficult to concentrate when the smiling man who brought their drinks looked so much like the model on her favorite romance book cover back home. If she hadn’t had so much to drink that night, she may have blushed. The things she had done in front of that book cover…

  Once the nice man had left, she was able to think a little clearer, although the martinis still got in the way of that.

  Janice pointed a finger at her. “You’re not smiling. For every time you stop smiling, I’m bringing the stripper back over.”

  That time Susan blushed, but she passed it off by taking another sip. Just because they were in Vegas didn’t mean they had to go to a strip club every night, but if Janice had her way, they would all sleep in the back room until the place opened the next morning. At least the club that night had male dancers, and not just female. She wasn’t sure which of the two would be harder to explain to Dale.

  “No, it’s fine. I got a pretty good look at the last one. And I think they prefer the term male dancers.”

  “While I have the singles, they’ll be called whatever I want.” The margarita wobbled as she took another sip. “Why don’t you want another dance? It’s not like you’re married yet. Live a little.”

  “Tomorrow is not that far away.”

  Janice grimaced. “Oh stop it. You’re only reminding me how single I am. Get out your money for the next banana boat.”

  Susan rested her drink on the table. “I should probably start thinking about bed soon. You do remember how early we have to start hair and makeup, right?”

  “We don’t, but you do. You’ve got to look gorgeous. Besides, a maid of honor isn’t supposed to look as good as the bride, anyway. Don’t worry. I’ll be there once I wake up.”

  Music blared as a man wearing chaps rode an invisible horse onto the stage. “Why did I pick you as my maid of honor, again?”

  Janice grinned. “Because you love me, and I’m pretty fantastic.”

  “I’ll agree you are. That and drunk.”

  “Maybe. I’ll never tell.”

  Susan’s purse made a small snap as she opened it. She removed what was left over from the last dance and tucked it underneath the bar napkin. “I think I’ll head to bed. If I have any more drinks, I might forget my room number. Try not to stay up too late. Dale’s sister was pretty upset that she wasn’t asked to be the maid of honor and would love any excuse to take your place.”

  Janice reached up and sloppily patted Susan’s cheek. “You would never replace me. I’m priceless.”

  “Something like that.” She couldn’t help but smile.

  Even on the way out, she heard a woman cheering behind her. It wouldn’t have surprised her if it had been Janice. She was probably just getting started. Susan’s heels clicked on the marble floor of the hotel lobby. Admittedly, it was pretty convenient for everything to be under the same roof–the hotel, the banquet hall, the reception area, the restaurant, and, yes, even the strip club. Only in Vegas.

  Of course, the elevator sat nestled beyond the entrance to the strip club and even the restaurant, likely to trap as many tourists as possible for yet another drink before they went back up to their rooms. The bartender had made a delicious mojito at that restaurant two nights ago, with handfuls of mint. Her gaze swept past the bar area inside the restaurant, and she froze in place. A man sipping a beer at the bar waved at her.

  Who could that be? That clearly wasn’t Dale. For one, he wouldn’t be back from his drunken bachelor party until much closer to 3 AM, and secondly, he didn’t have biceps like that. Even from that distance, Susan saw sleeves that struggled to wrap around his arms.

  Like a mouse venturing into an open room, Susan edged her way into the restaurant. The man continued to motion her over.

  “I thought I recognized you,” he said when she drew close enough. “Did you have enough for one night?”

  Her breath caught in her throat. He looked entirely different without the sunglasses and police hat, not to mention the tiny costume shorts grinding against her lap. She desperately thought of a way to politely excuse herself.

  “I’m surprised you left this early,” he continued. “By the looks of your friend, I didn’t think either of you would quit before the place closed.”

  “She can be rowdy when she wants to be,” Susan mumbled.

  He tapped the tall chair next to him. “There’s no reason to keep standing. Have a seat.”

  She plopped her purse on the bar and eased herself onto the thin cushion. What am I doing? Someone could see me here.

  “So what’s your drink?” He smiled. That part she remembered from the club. She recalled thinking how straight his teeth were, which was a decidedly strange thought to have during a lap dance.

  She grabbed her purse and angled her body to leave the chair. “I should get going. I’m sorry. I’m not sure why–”

  The man raised his hand to the bartender. “The lady will take a glass of red wine.”

  The bartender asked what type, and he replied back, but Susan was occupied with the surprise. She loved red wine. In fact, that was her normal drink at home.

  A bar napkin appeared, and the glass on top of it. Only moments later, she berated herself. Red wine wasn’t an unusual favorite for a woman. She couldn’t credit him for being a mind reader with merely a lucky guess.

  He took another sip and glanced at her untouched glass. She figured it would be rude to at least not take a sip. She hated when things went to waste. From the moment it touched her lips, she knew it had come from an expensive bottle. This was no house wine. Mentally, she tipped her hat to him.

  “My name’s Mark. What’s yours?”

  Mark. That seemed like a good name for a cop. A costumed, stripper cop, she reminded herself. The night of drinking must have caught up with her.

  Before thinking, she responded. “Susan.”

  “That’s a pretty name. So what brings you to Vegas, Susan? Probably not the wax museums.”

  “I’m here for a convention.” She took another sip. Why in the world did I just say that? It made no sense to lie. It’s not like she had anything to hide.

  Mark ran his thumb along the stubble of his chin. “Interesting. Yeah, they do have quite a few of those around here. Business by day and pleasure by night. What was the convention about?”

  The chair squeaked as she fidgeted. She got herself into this. “Equipment for the food service industry, mostly. The seminar earlier today was on refrigeration units.” With an answer like that, she nearly impressed herself. It was a good thing she had read an article about that very subject on the plane ride over. It had nearly bored her to death, but it came in handy.

  He gave a slow nod that said he knew nothing on the subject but wanted to show interest. “Food has gotta stay cold, I suppose. That must be pretty recession-proof work.”

  “To a degree. But when the market is down and banks aren’t lending, restaurants don’t open nearly as much.” She smiled. That also had come from the article.

  He took another long swallow. “Sounds pretty technical. All I do is dance for my money.”

  And doing a great job at it. “Have you always been doing…what it is you do?”

  “I just started. In fact, I moved here recently. A good friend’s parents own this hotel. That’s how I got this gig. My friend says they’re working on hooking me up with a nice job at a casino. Not sure what, but knowing them, it should be decent.”

  A blonde blur passed by on the other side of the restaurant, heading toward the back. Janice had always hated using lobby restrooms and preferred to seek out one in a nice restaurant nearby, if possible. Susan swung her head toward the bar and even went as far as cupping a hand around the side of her face.

  “What’s wrong?” he asked.

  She grabbed the nearest strap to her purse. “I need to get going. Thank you for the wine. It was nice talking to you.”

  As soon as she reached the middle of the lobby, she looked around. It was very possible that Janice would head straight for their room when she exited. If the elevator wasn’t timed just right, or if she couldn’t find her key card soon enough, her maid of honor would know that she hadn’t returned to the room and would want to know every salacious detail.

  “Are you okay? Why did you leave so quickly?” Mark looked around while tucking his wallet back into his pocket. “Is someone after you?”

  “No.” Sort of. “I need to go. Is there a side elevator or something?”

  Mark jerked his head to the corner of the lobby. “Follow me.”

  Normally, she wouldn’t follow a strange man through the back area of a service kitchen, but he seemed so sure of himself and where he was going. She was just glad that he didn’t stop to comment on the refrigerators they passed. Mimicking an article was one thing, but having to pass a quiz was another entirely. Before long, they came to a set of elevator doors that had seen better days.

  “This is the service elevator. It’s what they use for the food carts.” He held open the door and gestured her inside.

  She was in too deep to stop now. As she took the small step inside, the light bulb flickered. Fortunately, it had the same system of buttons that a normal elevator had, and soon they were on their way to the fifteenth floor.

  “That’s the floor I’m on too,” he said. “I’ll see you off that far, at least. It’s a little sketchy in these back hallways sometimes.”

  She just wanted to be back in her room and done with this before Janice got back. With any luck, she could jump on the bed, pick up her book, and look casual before she even walked in.

  The elevator slapped shut behind her. Excluding visits to theme parks, that had been the most terrifying ride she had ever experienced. She felt every story shudder under her feet. The floor had jolted so strongly at one point that she was thrown into Mark’s arms. She had apologized and separated, but she couldn’t help but feel his rock-hard pecs underneath his shirt.

  When they reached a more normal-looking hallway, complete with hotel carpeting, she looked around to orientate herself. The room she and Janice were staying in was on the north side of the hotel. The numbers on the doors showed the pattern. 321…320…319…

  Susan nearly stumbled when she turned the corner and saw Janice inserting her room card into the door’s reader. With a thump, she flipped back around and moved up against the wall.

  Mark stopped in his tracks. “What’s wrong?”

  She held a finger to her lips until the door announced it was shut with a small click. For the first time in minutes, she felt like she could breathe again. But she had a problem.

  “I can’t go back in now.”

  “Why not?” he asked.

  She didn’t realize she had spoken aloud. “The moment I walk in, she will be curious where I was and relentless to get it out of me. Great.”

  Mark covered his mouth in thought. He better not have been laughing. “Do you think she’ll go to bed?”

  What kind of question is that? “I have no idea. Probably. She’s been drinking all night.”

  He dropped his hand. “Then all you have to do is kill an hour or so, and you can slip back in when she’s asleep without having to answer any questions.”

  Without trying to hide it, she likely looked impressed. That’s actually a good idea. “True. I suppose I can go back down to the hotel bar and wait it out.”

  “No need. My room is right over there. There’s a few drinks left in the mini bar. I’m sure there’s some red wine in there.”

  Now that was a terrible idea. Still, it was a long trip back down to the lobby, and Mark seemed like a gentleman enough, which was surprising for a male stripper. Although to be fair, she hadn’t had much interaction with one before to know either way. She didn’t say anything but took several steps in the direction of his room. It was unclear in her mind whether she was talking herself in or out of it. He did have a handsome smile.

  Just as they passed the intersection where her room was in view again, a door opened. Susan didn’t look back to check whether it was hers or not, instead leaping forward into the door Mark held open for her. It didn’t quite hit her that she was inside the hotel room of a stranger on the night before her wedding until the light from the hallway was cut off by the door. Had she known for a fact that Janice wasn’t right outside, she would have bolted.

  “The selection isn’t as good as the bar, but I do have some red wine here. With any luck, it’s still made out of grapes.” He walked to the kitchenette while she stood there within arms-reach of the door. “Are you all right? You look a little tense.”

  What am I doing here? She already regretted coming inside. He didn’t strike her as terribly unobservant; he had to have noticed the engagement ring by now, even if he didn’t know the difference between just that and the wedding ring.

  The stem of the wine glass he handed her felt cool to the touch. He was right, it wasn’t as good as the type from the bar, but it still tasted satisfying. She couldn’t tell whether she wished she was more or less drunk, given where she stood. “Thank you.”

  She reluctantly moved to the couch when he sat down and motioned her over. The gap in between them was intentional. “So why do you stay in a hotel room if you live in Vegas?”

  He set his glass down on a small table beside them. “That’s a good question. Since I moved here, I haven’t been able to find an apartment that fit what I’m looking for. Vegas is a big place, and traffic is terrible if you live on the wrong side of the city. They were nice enough to allow me to stay here rent free for a little while.”

  “That’s generous of them.”

  “Absolutely. They’re pretty loaded, though, so it doesn’t affect them much.”

  Whenever Mark took a sip, he had a particular way of tilting his head back. The strong jaw line that wrapped around his chin was even more apparent at that angle. That was her one weakness. Whenever she saw a well-defined jaw line, she had always imagined how hard he could take a punch without being phased. She watched again as he tilted back with the incredibly masculine carving of his strong neck and Adam’s apple. It was almost enough to…

  “Hello?” He waved his hand in front of her.

  She shook her head. “What did you say?”

  “I asked how long you’ll be in town. I have tomorrow night off. I wasn’t sure if you already had a tour guide for the city.”

  “Tomorrow night I will be…occupied. As I likely will be for the rest of our stay.”

  Surprisingly, he didn’t ask further into the details of who “our” comprised of. “I understand. I’m sure the convention schedule is pretty demanding.”

  “Something like that.”

  “Oh, I’m sorry.” He moved closer and lifted the leather jacket from the back of the couch, more on her side. “I would have tidied up more if I knew I’d have company.”

  She thumbed the lip of her glass between her hands. “Is that…part of your costume?”

  “Yes it is.” He stopped mid-motion. “I wore it earlier tonight, actually. When I worked.”

  Over my lap. Her cheeks felt warm. “Are you always the same character, or does it change?”

  “It varies, although that’s what I am most often. Sometimes I’m a fireman.”

  Oh God. She stopped just short of fanning herself. “You are? What does that costume look like?”

  “There’s not a lot to it, really. It’s a lighter version of a fireman’s jacket and boots. I even have a plastic axe that I take with me on stage.”

  He can save me any day. She cleared her throat, trying to regain her composure. “I’m sure it looks rather nice.”

  “I actually have the jacket here, if you’d like to see.”

  Susan held up a hand and laid her drink down on the table. “I shouldn’t. Actually, maybe it’s best if I head out.” By the time she looked up again, he was walking out of his bedroom with the jacket in hand. The bright yellow contrasted with the reflective stripes running across it. It was difficult not imagining him wearing it.

  “Are you sure? I have it right here.”

  My my. She leaned half her weight back down on the cushion and compromised by sitting on the edge. “Well, since you already have it. I suppose I can see it before I go.”

  He smiled and immediately unbuttoned his shirt. She flung a hand across her eyes, more out of instinct than anything else. Clearly he wasn’t going to the bedroom to change. In between her fingers, she was relieved to see that he kept everything on below the waist, at least, and he slid his now bare arms through the sleeves of the jacket. “Well? What do you think?”

 It started with the small gap between her fingers, then her hand fell altogether. His chiseled, washboard abs were nicely framed by the costume and made for the perfect runway for a woman’s hand to slide down his chest. With effort, she neatly folded her hands in her lap. “It looks…very nice on you.”

  “Thanks. I started working out before I moved to be able to pull these types of things off. Do you like this one better than the cop outfit?”

  “Mhm.” It showed a lot more skin. True, the cop outfit had shorts, but its matching shirt hid all those beautiful abs. “So when you first started, how did you learn to do the…dancing? Do they have classes for it or something?”

  “Definitely no classes. Most of it is fairly natural. If you don’t have some coordination and a bit of rhythm, you don’t last long.”

  She leaned back a little bit more. “Do you have a signature move?”

  “Something like that. When I wear this outfit, I pretend I’m sliding down a fireman’s pole. Sort of like this.” He took a step closer and thrust out his hips, with his hands wrapped around an invisible pole. Her eyes slid down his body at the same time he pretended to slide. There were still two steps in between them, but it was close enough to imagine feeling the warmth of his skin.

  She swallowed. “That’s a good move. What else do you do?”

  “You saw me dance earlier tonight.”

  “I know. I just never really thought about the moves until now.” And because I want to see them again.

  He took another step forward and flipped around, pumping his ass in the air. That seemed more like the typical stripper move, although she strangely found it more appealing now.

  “I see.” She gripped the edges of her skirt.

  After he moved the two glasses, he propped his foot on the table, dry humping the air. Even wearing his normal clothes from the waist down didn’t take away from what lay underneath. She couldn’t tell if he was hard or not, but either way, he certainly wasn’t a small man.

  With one more step, he moved forward and turned around again, leading with his ass, only inches away. Before she could stop herself, she reached up and grabbed it.

  “I’m so sorry.” She slapped her hands back into her lap. “I wasn’t thinking.” And too much wine.

  “No, it’s fine. I’m used to it. You’d be surprised how grabby tourists get when they loosen up a little.” He still hadn’t moved from that position.

  “I probably shouldn’t.” She stared up at the two half-moons. If she were any more obvious about it, she would be licking her lips.

  “Go on. I’m a professional.” She couldn’t see his face at the moment, but she heard a wink in his voice.

  Her hand inched forward and brushed against him.

  “Come on, Susan. Do it right.”

  She gripped her fingers until she felt him respond. That was satisfying.

  “There you go!” He flipped around and angled his chest down. It was an invitation she couldn’t refuse; the palm of her hand raked down his abs. His hard muscles felt so powerful.

  Clearly, he was just getting started. As her hand cascaded down, his body moved underneath it. His hips bounced closer until they were over her lap. She didn’t have any singles on her, so her hands would have to do. A small voice in the back of her mind protested, but she shoved it aside.

  He reached down and ran his fingers through her hair, gripping them in a mock blowjob. She responded, which only emboldened him. He leaned down and pressed his warm lips to hers. The whole world exploded, and she felt lightheaded for a moment. It was as if he had a lit firecracker in his mouth. She sucked at his lips hungrily as his weight pressed into her.

  He ran his hands along the side of her chest, gripping his fingers behind her back. His hands were so large that they wrapped around easily. His jacket sagged as she pulled it down, not yet sure herself whether she wanted it off. In a way, she already knew.

  She leaned back on the couch as he climbed on with her. Soon, the jacket fell to the floor, and she was able to feel every bit of the chest that the jacket, even as little material as it was, covered up. The warmth of his lips spread down her neck to that soft spot between her shoulders and neck–her weak spot.

  In one motion, he cradled his arms underneath her and lifted her into the air. She was relatively petite, but from that position took some upper body strength. When he reached the door to his bedroom, he tilted so that her head passed through safely. With a soft whoosh, she landed on the bed.

  Her top landed askew, and he brought his lips to the uncovered skin, dragging them over her stomach in whispers. It was an intense feeling, and she writhed underneath it. His thumbs hooked beneath the fabric and lifted it over her head. With the new canvas of skin, he did the same thing to the untouched areas.

  The thought of Dale really hadn’t entered her mind, except for that very moment where she thought to herself how she couldn’t remember the last time Dale went at her with that much hunger. They had slept together countless times over the years, but not as often as one might think, and not as often as she would like. They weren’t even married yet, and already he was losing interest in sex.

  Just after she shed her bra, he dug his knees into the bed and unzipped his pants. They landed on top of her other clothing on the floor in a neater pile than she would have expected from that angle. Normally, she had let men remove their own clothes, but for some reason, she specifically wanted to take off his boxers.

  His cock looked so delicious when she revealed it that she had to have a taste. She plunged her lips over his stiff shaft until she felt it against the back of her throat. The moans that cascaded down her back only encouraged her to continue. She kept going until she couldn’t stand not having more of him, and she lay on her back.

  When he removed her panties, she expected to feel him inside her, but instead, he parted her legs and lowered his face between them. The moment his tongue touched her clit, she felt heat surge through her hips. She knew exactly how wet she was for him. It wouldn’t have surprised her if she were literally dripping.

  With her wet still on his cock, he easily entered her, sliding until her back wall stopped him. She knew he was big, but she truly felt the impact of that now. Even if she tried to think of the last time she had felt that full, likely nothing would come up. She was being split in two, and she loved it.

  He clearly could tell she did, and he thrust even harder whenever she moaned, which was often–every movement he made in her. The sheets curled in her fists as she clawed at them. He was a beast. He towered between her legs and over her like he was marking his territory. Essentially, he was.

  With his loudest grunt came a rush of warmth deep inside her as she took his cum. She squeezed her muscles in the hopes of getting every drop–to milk his cock for everything it could offer. It drove her wild to think about receiving everything of him.

  His two hands planted on either side of her as his chest heaved. She loved feeling the strain of his muscles, as she knew that she had been the reason for all that expended energy. Even though it had been nearly a minute ago, she could still feel his hot cum deep inside her. It was a feeling she hoped to carry well into the night.

  Later at his door, she indulged herself in one more goodnight kiss, even though she had told herself three kisses ago that it was the last. The time they had spent intertwined in each other’s arms flew by, and it was two hours later than the initial hour she had intended. Somewhere around the second hour, they had gone at it again. Even when she walked down the hallway to her hotel room, she shivered when she thought about how hard she had come earlier.

  Realistically, there would be no way to see him again before she left Vegas. It had been her idea that Dale have a separate hotel room until the wedding night, but after that, the two would be on their honeymoon and likely inseparable. Not that she wasn’t looking forward to spending time with Dale, but it likely wouldn’t compare to what she had just experienced. At least one thing was certain. The memory of that night would keep her warm for quite a long time.




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