Book Review: Early Dessert By Ava Sterling 5* #erotica #comingsoon

Kim Knight_ The Author


Ava Sterling featured on this month’s Meet The Author,  you can read back over her interview. I’ve just dipped into another one of her stories. This one is one  not to fall asleep on, it’s coming soon. I really enjoyed it. While I’d never be brave enough to do what these characters do, as a reader that’s half the fun you can  walk in their shoes. Ava’s stories are quick reads -short and sweet, you can dip in and dip  out. Get your hit of romance mixed with erotica and giggles then leave very satisfied lols … no pun intended.

The Plot:

Early Dessert features a modern couple Ryan and Kelly, they met and experienced that insta-love then got married. They are your normal everyday couple, but deep down they both have an urge to try to spice up their already fantastic sex life. *spoiler alert* I won’t say…

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